Eastbound Ltd has an over 15 years experience in sales- and business development projects i.e. in the graphical-, packaging-, ICT-, and environmental sectors. We are also working with companies that are producing and converting industrial raw materials and products.

Our core competences in the Scandinavian and Baltic Countries are;

  • Identifying and developing new sales channels
  • Acquiring new customers
  • Development of customers sales team and sales processes
  • Partnership in financing and funding international projects
  • Reselling and distribution of our client´s products and services 

Eastbound Ltd is involved in several internationalization projects, in which our clients wish to enter and develop their business on the Scandinavian, Baltic and European markets.

Our clients represent a variety of different fields of business, and they are in very different phases in the process of business development and internationalization. Some of our clients are

– innovative startup companies
– some are already well established and known companies, aiming to enter new markets,
– some are looking for new activities and ideas for boosting their sales on the target market. See references.

The strengths of Eastbound Ltd are the ability to develop and maintain customer relationships and to help our clients to develop their own processes and skills for entering new markets. Eastbound Ltd supports its clients in a flexible manner, as long as needed. Customer feedback from our clients has been very encouraging, and our flexible pricing model has been very much appreciated. Our pricing is partly based on measurable results, a model which strongly motivates both parties for optimal performance.

Eastbound Ltd is also a reseller of selected products. Reseller-contracts are guiding us to closer relationship with our customers and enables efficient business and sales development.

Quality control and documentation is one of the areas which is interesting to most industrial sectors. We represent products ranging from a compact mobile microscope to more advanced camera based quality control and documentation systems.

The duration of the most intense phase of our projects typically ranges from a few months up to one year. We also support the customer after the main project, since we believe a long term co-operation is a mutual advantage.